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First hand observation is key in the business of efficiency. ProductSpace excels at assessing business processes inside and outside of Windchill, and provides best-in-industry reports on how to make your company more profitable.
PDPA - Product Development Assessment
The PDPA is the first tool to getting on the right track towards operational efficiency. ProductSpace uses the LAMDA approach (Look Ask Model Discuss Act) in analyzing the current state of Product development, at no cost, to find ways to drastically improve your throughput while reducing operating expenses, while at the same time reducing inventory and scrap.
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PDVA - Vision Assessment
Product Development Vision Assessment - This is the next step beyond the PDPA to lay out a plan in the next 5 years to continuously improve the product development process.  » Learn More
PISA - Infrastructure Assessment
Product Infrastructure and Scalability Assessment - This assessment is geared towards existing implementations of Windchill, and give precise ways to increase performance of the given implementation.
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ProductSpace Solutions is proud to present their implementation methodology to help your company in implementing a suite of PLM products.
Product Data Implementations
Windchill PDMLink, Windchill ProjectLink, Windchill ProductPoint, Pro/INTRALINK, SharePoint, Vmware Workstation, ESXi.  » Learn More
Product Change/Configuration Management
ProductSpace's has vast experience within the field of Change and Configuration Management, with consultants trained in the latest CMII certifications.  » Learn More
ERP & Multi-CAD Integrations
ProductSpace can integrate your ERP system (Oracle, SAP, Baan etc) with Windchill to provide your users with the best-in-class product development environment!  » Learn More
ProductSpace Solutions can be a key partner in migrating your companies intellectual property into the best-in-industry PLM: Windchill PDMLink.
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From initial assessments to complete data migration and systems optimization, ProductSpace provides unparalleled support services for your entire product development process.
Training & Adoption Management
From introductory training to advanced industry distinctive mentoring, ProductSpace offers a unique combination of certified educational courses and customer cebtric adoption tools that facilitate the adoption of new technologies.   » Learn More
RAPiDS- Remote Administration for Production Data Systems.
You focus on your product development and Engineering work. We'll keep your systems running at optimum levels with our 'Near-source' administration for your Windchill(R), Pro/ENGINEER(R), and other CAD infrastructure.   » Learn More
Continuous Performance Tuning
Windchill is a very complex product combining disparate technologies. General principals can be used for tuning, but then one needs to dive into some implementation details. The PISA methodology is a deep dive into a customer's environment to address overall performance tuning or pinpoint performance troubleshooting.  » Learn More is a full-service offering that allows you to focus on core business functions without having to deal with the hassles of managing an IT infrastructure and support personnel.  » Learn More

Enterprise Innovations

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ProductSpace is always on the forefront of new technology, and will quickly embrace new opportunities.
ProductSpace is a solution provider of VMWare, and can provide unique support to companies that are thinking of moving to virtualized hardware. ProductSpace has a package offering that will take your current implementation of Windchill to a virtualized environment! All services, software and support are included.  » Learn More
Cloud Technology
Offer consulting services for Cloud technology. Services to provide analysis and assessment of existing infrastructure and how the Cloud can be used to facilitate all or portions of their existing environment. Learn More.
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