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PDPA - Product Development Assessment

One of the most important factors for any organization’s success is the introduction of new products.  As consumer demands change and adapt, organizations must constantly find ways to fulfill these demands usually through the development of new products or enhancements to existing products.  The challenge to organizations is to find efficient processes to develop these new products from conception to realization while minimizing overall cost and development time.

ProductSpace can provide a “Product Development Process Assessment” (PDPA) to help your organization analyze the processes and procedures that govern the introduction of your products.  ProductSpace can help you analyze where you may have “bottlenecks” in your procedures that could be causing delays in time or repeated/unnecessary work performed in order to get your new products released.

The PDPA is delivered in three “stages”

Stage 1:  Analysis of Current Processes

  • In the first stage of the PDPA, a team of ProductSpace consultants come to your site.  The consultants meet with a representative sample of your employee community.  These employees would include anyone that is involved in developing products, including the engineers that model the solutions with CAD software, the sales team that handles quotes, the manufacturing team, and any managers/directors involved in major decision-making steps of the development processes.  Your company would then work with the consultants to analyze the current processes and documentation of those processes that exist, and gather comments and pain points as voiced by these representatives.  These items are gathered and documented for use later in the PDPA.

Stage 2:  Introduction of Industry Best-Practices

  • In the second stage of the PDPA, the consultants will suggest solutions to your pain points through current industry best-practices and case studies.  One common option for our customers is the acquisition and use of PTC’s Windchill solution set, including product development life cycle (PLM) software called “PDMLink”.  ProductSpace can demonstrate a selected Windchill solution with “out-of-the-box” functionality, tuned to address the specific pain points determined in Stage 1 of the PDPA.  The consultants show the simple “plug-and-play” elements of the software, which are aligned with the Configuration Management II (CMII) development model – an industry-leading model focused on lean process for time and cost savings.  The consultants also recommend other configurations to the software that can be made to address pain points in your processes as well.

Stage 3:  The Solution

  • In the third stage of the PDPA, your team will work with the consultants to address how the solutions provided either by the PLM software or by other methods that can be best utilized for your company.

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