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PDVA - Vision Assessment

Many organizations at one time or another are inevitably faced with a “good problem to have”: keeping up with expansion.  As an organization grows throughout the years, so do the costs and demands of maintaining that organization’s financial health.

Some of these costs could easily include:

  • Purchasing more machinery for increased production
  • Maintaining extra machinery
  • Increase in raw material purchases
  • Hiring more personnel to keep up with new projects
  • Pay raises and promotions to staff

ProductSpace can provide a “Product Development Visions Assessment” (PDVA) to outline your company’s goals for the future.  The PDVA is similar to the “Product Development Process Assessment” (see the “PDPA” section of our website) in many ways.  However, the main focus of the PDVA is not to make immediate changes to your current product development processes and procedures, but to plan for future growth and change within your company.

The PDVA’s main goal is to address the questions:

  • “Where will my company be five, ten, twenty or more years from today?”
  • “How can I ensure that my company can maintain business best-practices for our product development processes as industry trends change?”

For more information on PDVA services, please inquire.

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