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Product Change / Configuration Management

Every organization at some point has experienced a change in consumer needs and desires for their products.  In order to keep the consumer satisfied, organizations must modify their current product to fulfill the consumer demand.  The challenge that these organizations are presented with is to make these changes not only in a fully-controlled, reviewed, and accepted manner, but also in a timely and cost-effective method as well.

ProductSpace offers services aligned with utilizing the Windchill solution set of product life cycle management (PLM) software, specifically Windchill PDMLink, to perform effective product change and configuration.

Ask yourself:

  • Is information used in specific products within your organization grouped together for easy access?  In other words, do you have a strategy for organization of “common parts”?
  • How does your company track items like consumables or manufacturing-related items (grease, lubricant, dye, foam, packaging, etc...) versus sold product?
  • In bills of material for products, what is important for engineers to see?  Manufacturing employees?  Procurement?  Sales/Accounting?
  • How does your company keep track of what items are currently being designed, in work, or under change versus what items are in production or obsolete?
  • What kinds of changes are "minor" vs "major"?
  • When should new revisions of product be created as opposed to brand new product?
  • Where should related documentation on objects be kept and how will these documents remain up-to-date as the parts that they describe undergo change?

Many organizations will find that the answers to these questions will vary among their employees.  ProductSpace can help to develop consistent, effective answers to these questions and provide solutions to enforce best business practices.

For more information on product change/configuration management services, please inquire.

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