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Most companies, when they begin their operations, have a fantastic idea.  They spend their time conceptualizing, designing, developing, manufacturing and servicing this idea.  All of that information is usually saved on hard drive, or more often a series of shared drives. With one idea, with one product, this isn’t a problem.

As you grow into multple product types, lines or models, that one source of data grows into 10,100 or 1000 sources of data, which lowers your efficiency in designing that next product.

ProductSpace’s Production Data System methodology meets exactly your goal:  Making more money by decreasing time to market, increasing quality and by having a single source of truth.

Industry Best Practices

ProductSpace consultants have  true industry experience:  Each one of our consultants has worked as an production engineer in the field! Our consultants are also certified in many different consulting methodologies:

  • Lean Product Development
  • Six Sigma
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Toyota Production System

Let us find the best mix of each of the above to help you achieve your most efficient business process.

Product Data Implementations

ProductSpace’s Consultative Methodology ensures not only that your goals are met, but a collaborative effort that keeps your team up to speed. With years of experience in product data implementations, ProductSpace developed a JumpStart program for Windchill PDMLink that will help your company get started with the shortest learning curve possible: Learn More

Product Change / Configuration Management

Every organization at some point has experienced a change in consumer needs and desires for their products.  In order to keep the consumer satisfied, organizations must modify their current product to fulfill the consumer demand.  The challenge that these organizations are presented with is to make these changes not only in a fully-controlled, reviewed, and accepted manner, but also in a timely and cost-effective method as well. Learn More

ERP & Multi-CAD Integrations

Windchill PDMLink provides the capability to integrate with numerous ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MPM (Manufacturing Process Management) systems. With the ERP Connector, a module of Windchill, manufacturing and production data can be pushed to third-party software to keep these systems current on product information. Windchill can also implement a two-way communication with another ERP system (SAP or Oracle) to provide a "push-pull", keeping both systems up-to-date on all design and manufacturing information. Both of these modules can be implemented with Windchill MPMLink for even more control over manufacturing processes.
Learn More


ProductSpace provides the skills and resources to migrate data from multiple third party products into PTC's Pro/INTRALINK and Windchill PLM Solutions. Each step of the migration process is carefully planned and executed to ensure the best possible methods are used to migrate your critical product information. Learn More

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