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Windchill360Apps is a packaged set of Windchill custom solutions developed to address various business problems filling process gaps and building extensions to Windchill product. Some select packages are listed below:

  • CAD Data Migrator (Windchill to Windchill)
  • Windchill Data Migrator
  • PLM CAD Worker
  • PLM Multi-Level BOM Compare
  • PDF Stamping
  • Magic Rendering
  • Batch Print Solution
  • Publish Filter
  • Simple Search
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    CAD Data Migrator (Windchill to Windchill)

    Migrating CAD data from one Windchill to another Windchill system is a fundamental requirement, yet historically it has been a laborious, manual task. In earlier days, it required automating CAD applications to use Workgroup Manager to extract CAD data before uploading to Windchill. It required automation for almost every version of CAD application. This process was time consuming and often resulted into loss of data because of data regeneration issues. ProductSpace has developed a Tool & Process help with CAD data migration from one Windchill to the other.


    Windchill Data Migrator

    Migrating legacy data into a Windchill implementation is a fundamental requirement of any system implementation, yet historically it has been a laborious, manual task. The same can be said about merging information from a new acquisition into a PDM environment, including Windchill. ProductSpace has fine tuned data migration process for Windchill and developed Windchill Data Migrator to help with data migration activities


    PLM CAD Worker

    The PLM Worker is similar to the CAD worker for Windchill/PDMLink from PTC but with a lot of added benefits. It is a highly configurable framework that allows you to convert and/or manipulate contents residing in Windchill by transferring them to the PLM Worker remote server (could be the same server hosting CAD worker).


    PLM Multi-Level BOM Compare

    Multilevel BOM compare solution allows you to compare Bill of Materials (BOM) residing in Windchill/PDMLink to another BOM residing in Windchill/PDMLink or Excel load file.

    • Ability to compare two BOMs residing in Windchill/PDMLink. Comparison result clearly shows attribute values that have changed and components that have been added or removed.
    • Ability to compare a BOM residing in Windchill/PDMLink and BOM in an excel BOM load file.
    • Ability to compare two BOMs with different configuration spec such as Latest, Released, Effectivity.
    • Ability to compare Multilevel BOMs while maintaining tree view

    PDF Stamping

    The PDF Generator & Stamper is a solution that allows you to create new PDF documents and watermark PDF files.

    • Create new PDF documents with dynamic contents.
    • Merge dynamically created PDF documents with existing PDF document.
    • Stamp PDF documents (PDF files or Windchill/PDMLink documents) with dynamic texts and images.
    • Highly configurable with options like color, text size, image size, image or text angle, transparency, location etc.
    • Ability to create XML based stamp templates such that stamping can be done by simply providing Stamp names.
    • API's that can be called from any program or workflows for stamping primary contents or PDF viewable.

    Magic Rendering

    Magic Renderer allows you to organize Soft Attributes (IBAs) associated with Typed objects such as WTDocuments, Change Requests etc. in logical expandable and collapsible groups so that it is easy to create, update and view typed objects. Additionally, it gives you the ability to define attribute level access control during create and update. You can create rules using XML to make only certain attributes updatable under certain conditions. For example, you can configure the magic renderer to prevent users of MEMBER group or role from updating name and priority attribute of ECR in update mode and/or when ECR is in UNDERREVIEW state.


    Batch Print Solution

    ProductSpace "Batch Print" solution allows user to print neutral documents on the user configured printer. It has following functionalities:

    • The solution is currently in prototype state
    • Batch Print solution allows user to collect documents (representations) for printing
    • Batch Print solution allows user to trigger the printing once all documents are collected
    • Batch Print solution takes client side printer configuration to print files

    Extension points:

    • Batch Print solution will be extended to print documents from EPM-drawings and WTDocuments
    • Batch Print solution will be extended to handle watermarks and stamping
    • Batch Print solution will be extended to allow user to reorder jobs in batch print queue

    Publish Filter

    Windchill visualization/publishing solution allows to configure multiple CAD workers for different document types. However, queues are not designed to distinguish document types resulting into improper resource utilization. For example, if there are two jobs for two different document types (one AutoCAD and one ProE), most of the time, one of the jobs waits for other one to complete even if the corresponding CAD worker is free. This issue is resolved through ProductSpace Publish Filter. Publish Filter ensures that, jobs of one document-type do not have to wait for jobs of another document-type.


    Simple Search

    ProductSpace "SimpleSearch" solution provides an easy approach to search, view (mass download) and print documents (along with Batch Print solution). It has following features:

    • Easy to search, view and print documents
    • Easy to mass download documents (primary attachment)
    • Provides simple and user friendly screen to search items
    • Very useful especially in manufacturing floor
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