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Best Production Tools for Best Windchill Administrators, pSAM (Production System Administration Modules) is a host of tools to help Windchill Administrators run production and project systems productively and more efficiently. With the Reporting portal, PLM stakeholders have real-time access to system performance and utilization metrics. pSAM provides industry-strength capabilities, fully leveraging cloud-technology.

    Production System Administration Modules

    • System Performance Portal: Comprehensive and Real-time system and business dash-board reporting

    • Load Testing: Instant population of numerous cloud-based systems on demand for the purpose of simulation load testing prior to any actual enterprise application’s production upgrades or deployments. These production load simulations will help predict problems regarding performance and stability prior to the deployment

    • Deployment Management: Managing & Tracking all changes (with Git & Mave) to the Windchill Configurations and Customizations deployed in production

    • Quick Refresh/Cloning of Non-Production Instances with Production Configurations and vice-versa. This will help manage synchronization among production and non-production Windchill instances efficiently

    • Non-Production Instances are oftern re-purposed or under-utilized. pSAM allows for on-demand utilization by using cloud-based instatiation

    • Automatic Backup & Archival

    • Mobile/Tablet access to the Portal


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